“What a joy to be back in Singapore after 21 years!

Thank you for the hospitality, welcome and TLC (tender loving care) that I enjoyed during my 3-day stay.  Restful Waters…the name reflects the ambience and spirit that prevails!

It was great to have the opportunity to visit at Marymount and see the city!  Thank you for the opportunity to share with your staff and associates and volunteers about the work of the Good Shepherd International Justice Peace Office!

Blessings on all your ministries, thank you for the witness of your lives and your dedication.  With gratitude, love and prayers.” Winifred Doherty, rgs

“Restful Waters is indeed a place to rest and I had a restful time here, with the company and the surroundings, it is truly God’s place.  Thank you and I thank God for this experience here.  Much love & God Bless.” – Irene

“I shall walk through the valley of darkness, but I shall not fear.  For you are there with your rod and your staff”, how restful can one be…knowing all is well – and then, that beyond fear, the darkness becomes all of a sudden a creative force of energy – for from the darkness, new light can issue forth.

Restful Waters – is still and calm, but it also flows strong within its depths.  It is the Spirit of God that flows through, issuing forth from a human heart to another.

Lucy and Susan, thank you for the insights to create this inner space at ‘Restful Waters’.  That we may all discover the richness of life within us.  How precious it is that I have found my voice – to laugh and sing and to know in all things that happen, life is marvellously and miraculously so, so good!!! How Re-vitalising!!!”        – Joanne –

“Restful Waters is aptly named…It has provided a place where this “foreigner” can “lay down her head.”  The “WORD” – “Emmanuel” – “God is with us” comes into the world concretely everytime a door of hospitality, love and care opens…Restful Waters opens door to the many a heart and soul “incarnates” the WORD to them.

May Restful Waters continue to renew those who find shelter in her, as it has done for me.”  – Jo Tondo-

“Restful Waters has been my introduction to Singapore and to Good Shepherd Singapore/Malaysia – and what a beautiful introduction God has given me.

Through Lucy and Melina, I have had nothing but God’s goodness, kindness, attentiveness and generosity.  I had no worry while I was here, despite uncertainty and changes to plans.  And our outings to the city, lunches, gardens and tree tops were fun and full of good companionship.  And we prayed! and we continue to be united in prayer.

With love & gratitude.” – Clare Nolan, Good Shepherd New York.

“Dear Lucy,

Our Shepherd God has certainly led me to RESTFUL WATERS this week.

Thank you so much for your gracious hospitality; for your thoughtfulness, generosity and ‘enabling’ qualities.  May you continue to be ‘aglow with the Spirit’ and always ‘rejoicing in the Lord’. – drawing all who come to Restful Waters, ever nearer to our Good Shepherd who is so full of love, mercy and compassion.”  My love & gratitude, Joan R, rgs

“Thank you for creating such a peaceful and cheerful environment during my (and my family’s) stay in Singapore.  It has been absolutely delightful.  Your cooking is beyond delicious and all the love and care you put into it makes it all the more special.

This place is truly restful.  I haven’t slept this soundly for months, and it feels great to get a proper night’s rest.  This house is also enveloped by a sense of serenity that is truly comforting.

Thank you for a Singapore trip that has been so different, I actually know how to use public transport here now.  Take care, and hopefully you will return to the Australia you loved so much last time.”  – Sarah

“Thanking you so much for your kind hospitality and making sure we are all comfortable and ok.

Restful Waters is such a beautiful and a very homely warm place.  Lots of laughter, tears and togetherness was shared here.  Truly something that would remain in my mind for a long long time.

Once again thank you so much.  All the best and good luck in whatever you are doing.”  Lots of love, hugs and kisses, Shirley Valentine

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