“The honest and thoughtful sharings and life experiences of my brothers and sisters – is very uplifting.  This Lenten retreat was a fruitful and spirit-filled encounter through word and friends.”  – Dorothy, participant

“The sharings were deep and profound.  There was a feeling of the presence of God in our midst.” – Lawrence, participant

“The sharing helps me look into myself, show and help me in areas that I’ve to change.  My overall experience was good, I could see where I’ve to change.  Christ and the Holy Spirit shows me the way to change.  To have faith and trust in God always.  Thank God in all circumstances.”  – Patricia, participant

“Great, I feel spiritually renewed already.  Thanks for a wonderful retreat.  The closeness with our ministry and community fully present here in heart, mind and soul into this retreat.  A Beautiful, Fruitful retreat we had!” – Suzanne, participant

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