A Journey Past Pain

The pain within my heart is really a calling by the One who heals,

to start finding my way home.

The home within – the place where God dwells.

Where we are one with our body, mind, heart and soul.

The place we are called to unity.

Our journey to unity within begins with

– disunity without

– conflicts, dilemmas, struggles, turmoil

– crises

– pain

From disunity to unity, from discord to peace

From disappointments to hope :

From the wilderness to home.

How do we find our way through it all?

We start simply, honestly from where we are.

And then we move gently from there.

The key is permission.

The permission to be aware and accept.

What we will find in our pain –

Without judgements and rationalization if possible.

The permission to keep seeking within the pain

Until we hear it, feel it, know it and touch it as it is.

When you are there, add a new appreciation :

You are more than your pain,

Start giving new names to this pain :

Strength, dignity, protection, love, tenderness….

….. keep going.

Be faithful to your journey.

I am only steps away from home now.

I can even glimpse it, feel it beckoning me.

Feel its excitement and joy to receive me.

The journey past pain is a journey of homecoming.

Homecoming to myself and homecoming to God.

When I reach home, the crisis and pain that once brought me here will now be

Transformed by me.

Transformed to conform to my inner centre so that

All of me may be one.  And all may embrace Life!


Prayer :   O God, send me forth to reclaim

Who I am.

Send out my strength as my shield

And I will rest in my soul where

You dwell.

Vivienne (Programme Participant)

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