Day of Prayer for Members of Ministry to the Sick

Hi Sr Lucy,

We, the members of the Ministry to The Sick, would like to thank you once again for conducting that most meaningful and beautiful retreat for us on the Sunday afternoon of May 2007.

That was it!  The spiritual rest we badly needed and had been looking forward to for a long time.  Perhaps what made our day were the little things that touched us in a big way.  We truly appreciate your thoughtfulness, your easy going and relaxed approach and the personal touch that had made our retreat so special and so relevant to the work of our ministry.

The dimly lit and cosy little chapel room with its peaceful ambience was most conducive to a relaxed mood, not unlike Psalm 23’s green pastures and tranquil waters!  We could visualize Jesus our Good Shepherd leading us beside restful waters, calling each one of us by name to that retreat where He refreshed our souls.  We enjoyed the homely atmosphere in the kitchen where we gathered for afternoon tea.  There was warmth in the kitchen from all that fellowship, sharing and eating together at one table.  We believed that the “we-are-family” feel prepared us essentially in hearts and minds for the more intimate act of anointing one another’s hands with the lavender and olive oil and sending forth each other with a prayer and blessing.  Members have come away from the retreat with positive comments such as “I’ve learnt more about the inner feelings of the sick and gained better understanding”, “I feel refreshed”, “the retreat I’d been waiting for”, “I’ve experienced inner healing”, “I’ve been reminded I’m the hands and feet of Christ”, to cite several examples of our enthusiastic feedback.  The rite of lighting of the candles (that aesthetically cast a soft, warm glow in the room and enhanced our reflective mood) was most meaningful to the participants who were reminded of the quintessential light of Christ that brightens our lives and leads us on the right path in humble and loving service to the sick and needy.  Participants unanimously said that, that one retreat had also brought the members closer to one another.  The rekindled flame of friendship actually enabled us to open our hearts and minds to share sincerely and wholeheartedly with one another.  In a nutshell, not only have we all benefited spiritually and emotionally from that retreat at Nallur but also brought home with us a new insight into our work and what it meant to be a minister of His love and compassion in our special ministry – the Ministry to The Sick.

To conclude this feedback, we thank God from the depth of our hearts for calling each one of us to serve Him in our needy brothers and sisters in such a sacred and spiritually rewarding ministry.  “Your love is a lamp unto our feet and a light unto our path, Lord of Light.”  God bless!

Susanna, on behalf of Ministry to The Sick

Holy Family Church (May 2007)

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