It was truly by God’s invitation & divine intervention that I found out about Restful Waters and its programmes.  I was at the Advent ’07 reflection sessions and it was a powerful experience for me to prepare for Christmas. Christmas was always a mad rush to get gifts & cards & more gifts, but it was really a time to prepare my heart, mind & soul to receive Jesus in a more meaningful way. The last session of the Advent series was wonderfully surprising when we were given a gift, that is, a piece of clay & with a time of guided reflection (based on Luke 2: 1-20),  the Holy Spirit guided my hands to mold a human butterfly!  Here is a prayer expressing my thanksgiving to God:

Thank you for creating and choosing me as your daughter – your beautiful, unique & colourfully psychedelic butterfly.

Thank you for the gift of freedom to fly & soar & be in the manger with you, gazing upon your mother & father, Mary & Joseph (haha, I am writing to God as if he doesn’t already know the names of his parents. hahaha) & just enjoying your peaceful and loving gazes to each other.

Thank you for making me a part of this miracle – the gift of Your life outpoured into my life.

Thank you for being so real to me – your presence and your love, your angelic smile, your look of love towards me.

Thank you for bringing me to the home of your manger, for calling me and choosing me. Amen.

It was such an enriching & joyful time for me sharing my thoughts & receiving more of God’s love through the sharings of others. Through the promptings & insights of the facilitators, I am more self aware of who I am as His precious & beautiful daughter & the God within me. I felt truly blessed & am truly blessed.

Karen (Programme Participant)

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