On 15th March 2012, 5 ladies gathered at Restful Waters for a retreat as they prepare themselves for Holy Week.  Coming out from the retreat, the ladies share their experience:
1.  From the dead wood  branch,  it awakened me that I have vibrant life, potential and resources.  I now desire to live life in abundance to bear fruit like the green branch with leaves and fruits.
2.  This retreat helped me to realise that although I am ‘pushed down’ from time to time, I still have the energy to come back to reality with the grace of God.
3.  I’m going home after the Retreat with an enlightened heart, with my eyes and heart  opened  to my capabilities to transform myself.  I’m taking home two ‘ belimbing ‘ fruits representing my spouse and myself to remind me that I have resolved to live my transformed life.
4.  The dead leaf represents that I was dead.  The green leaf represents  that I am rising to new life and I bear fruits though they are sour.  Because of God’s love for me He has the power to make them  sweet  again as long as I continue doing His will.
5. When I saw the dead twigs on the living earth, immediately I recalled my “dead self” walking around with a heavy heart.  Much as I tried  to get  out of that dreadful  feeling, I just  could not!  But after all of us  lighted our candles and I saw the green branch laden with lots of fresh fruits, the doors of my heart opened wide and I invited Jesus to come in.  He told me, “Come away to a deserted place all by yourself and rest a while.”  Mk 6: 31. Soon I was energised!  My energy was now on God’s love for me.  I believe in my power to transform indifference into love.  I shall love God, love  my neighbour as myself.
Our grateful thanks to Sr Lucy  for joining us in this wonderful retreat as well as being such a resourceful  facilitator.
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