A vocation is a type of work and/or life station that you feel you are suited to doing and to which you should give all your time and energy, or the feeling that a type of work and/or life station suits you in this way e.g. vocation as a social worker, the religious vocation, the vocation of marriage and the vocation of single life.  To live life as a vocation, therefore, is to commit oneself to one’s vocation.

This retreat is for women between the ages of 26-40, who desire to live their lives as a vocation.  There will be time for scriptural reading and discussion, quiet time and reflection, input and sharing.

Date : 30th April 2011 (Saturday)

Time: 10am – 4pm (simple lunch will be provided)

Venue: Good Shepherd Convent Restful Waters, 25 Nallur Road

For registration, contact:  62422925 Sr Lucy Chia or


Contribution: Love offering

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