Foundress Day Project 2009

Working in Partnership with Good Shepherd Convent Kindergarten, Restful Waters and the Children’s Cancer Foundation

In April this year, Restful Waters was happy to be invited to partner Good Shepherd Convent Kindergarten in their Foundress Day project.

St Mary Euphrasia, the Foundress of the Good Shepherd Congregation was a woman of great faith, compassion and love for the poor.  In order to emulate her good deeds and to make the celebration more meaningful, Good Shepherd Convent Kindergarten partnered with Restful Waters and the Children’s Cancer Foundation to work on a donation drive.

Together with their principal and teachers, the K1 and K2 children joyfully came together on 22nd and 23rd April for baking sessions.  While the nursery children came to watch their elder brothers and sisters learn how to bake.  All were excited and happy knowing that they were contributing towards helping children with cancer and their families.  The cookies and tarts they baked were then packed and sent home on Foundress Day, 24th April.  Parents generously donated towards this special project.

The objective of the activity was to inculcate in the children the value of our Vision “One person is of More Value that the Whole World”.  As such, every individual child is to be respected and valued.

The donations received will help to improve the quality of life of children with cancer and their families through enhancing their emotional, social and medical well-being (Children’s Cancer Foundation mission and vision).

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